Management Team

    Board Members

  • Don Trapnell
    Don Trapnell Executive Director
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  • John Prossor
    John Prossor Executive Director
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  • Michael Harrison
    Michael Harrison Consultant / Independent Chair More info

    Management Team

  • Hanna Abdullah
    Hanna Abdullah Head - Compliance Policy & Regulatory More info
  • Sarah Congdon
    Justin Harding Head of Legal & Dispute Resolution (Vic) More info
  • Ian Knight
    Ian Knight GM Operations
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  • Alison Massey
    Alison Massey Head - Compliance Advice Assurance More info

    Team Leaders

  • Lily Cao
    Lily Cao Head - Advice Technology More info
  • Samantha Portillo
    Samantha Portillo Accountant (VIC)
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  • Jonathon Trapnell
    Jonathon Trapnell Head of Adviser Support (VIC) More info
  • Susan Travers
    Susan Travers Head of Onboarding & Kaplan (VIC) More info
  • Josie Vella
    Josie Vella EA to Don Trapnell, Office Manager More info

    State Managers

  • Sarah Congdon
    Sarah Congdon State Manager (Vic)
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  • Ben Donohue
    Ben Donohue State Manager (Qld)
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  • Bernie Fernandes
    Bernie Fernandes State Manager (WA)
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  • Chris Regenass
    Chris Regenass State Manager (SA & TAS) More info
  • Matthew Wallis
    Matthew Wallis State Manager (NSW)
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