Become an Adviser

At Synchron, we are dedicated to providing our advisers with the highest level of service, support and resources. We are committed to developing strong relationships with you, our advisers, and aim to form partnerships with only the highest calibre of advisers in our industry.

Synchron is free of any institutional ownership or financial backing, and there is no bias towards any products or services. We value your business highly, and know that you do too, because of this we pay our advisers daily, as soon as remunerations are recieved they are processed and paid out to you.

Why Synchron?

- Adviser friendly agreement
- Adviser's right to work
- Free to go clause
- Online CPD points
- AFA involvement
- Freedom to choose your investment platform
- Generous brokerage rate
- Daily brokerage payments, on time, everytime
- Business enhancing statements with excellent management tools
- Placement facilities with all major life companies and fund managers
- User friendly CMS
- Compliance software at group rates
- Experienced management team
- Principals are practising advisers
- Complimentary web listing
- User friendly compliance documentation
- Group PI Insurance
- Be part of an elite group (2 times industry earnings average)

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